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I remember when I really got into carrying a purse around. I was in seventh grade. I had this purse that either my grandma or my great aunt bought for me, I don’t remember which. It was a black purse with a crossbody strap, and had some Chinese symbols embroidered in red along the lower right corner. It had a zipper pouch on the back side that came with those worthless sponge-tip eyeshadow appicators and a plastic mirror stitched into the inside of the pocket. It was from Target, it was quirky, and I thought it was the coolest damn thing I ever owned.

Fourteen years later, I realize I was wrong. That sucker was ugly.

Pictured: Only slightly less ugly than the purse I actually had.

Pictured: Only slightly less ugly than the purse I actually had.

But still, my obsession with purses began there. I began buying different purses and totes whenever I had the chance. At yard sales and flea markets, and souvenir shops, and anywhere that I could. Thankfully, my taste has improved over the years. Or at least I think so.

I remember back in seventh grade, when all the girls were carrying a purse, the ultimate time killer whether you were in class or hanging out together outside of school, was to swap purses and go through each other’s crap. Let’s face it, how much did we really need to take with us at thirteen years old? It was crap. We just did it because it was cool and we needed somewhere to stash our pads.

But going through each other’s crap was fun. I think everyone’s purse said a little something about who they were at the time. Mine was full of cheap makeup and lip smackers because I desperately wanted to feel grown up and independent and cool. A lot of my girlfriends were the same way. For others, it was just a place to stash a few school supplies. Those were the same people that got upset when they got an A- instead of an A. Wound a little tight sometimes, those ones were.

So, I thought it might be fun to show you what’s in my purse these days as a real-live adult. Honestly, I think a “what’s in my purse” at thirteen years old probably would have been a lot more interesting now that I think about it….. 🙂

My Purse


I just got this purse a couple of weeks ago and I am in loooove with it. I want to marry this bag I love it so much. It’s from one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world, Charming Charlie. It is cute, big enough for all my crap, durable, AND I didn’t have to spend buckoo bucks on it (I only paid $39.00)! Seriously, if you love bags, purses, & accessories but can’t bring yourself to spend a whole lot of money on those things, Charming Charlie is your best friend.

My Wallet

Purse and Wallet

Also from Charming Charlie. I love that It has space for my checkbook which I still use occasionally, as well as plenty of space for cards, cash, and change. I love how durable Charming Charlie’s stuff is. I tend to buy lots of neutral colored things, so this navy blue wallet is just the pop of color I needed!

My ZigZag Ipsy Bag

Purse and Zig Zag Ipsy Bag

This was the Ipsy Bag for July 2015 and I thought it was just too awesome. I even posted in my Ipsy July review that I would probably use it in my purse, and I am! Ipsy bags are the perfect size for my purses. Not so small that I have to jam stuff in them, and not so large that they take up precious real estate inside my bag.

Ipsy Bag Contents

Zig Zag Bag Contents

I don’t carry a lot of makeup or beauty products with me in my bag. I put my makeup on in the morning, and hope it lasts, because I REFUSE to reapply makeup. Unless my hubby decides to take me out on a date. Even then it’s iffy. But I usually keep a lip balm, some lotion, and that’s about it. I usually have a hair tie in there as well, but apparently I’ve lost it!

Baby Bag

Baby's Bag

My little Muffin will be 16 months old next week, and let me tell you, it is so nice that I don’t have to lug around a diaper bag anymore! When she was a few months old, I would I would pack her diaper bag to the point we could have survived in the wild for a couple of weeks when we were only going to the park to get some fresh air! To say I was a little bit of an overpacker would be an understatement. What can I say? I’m a first time mom. I’m just winging it about 85% of the time.

Baby's Bag Contents

These days, I have relaxed quite a bit, and I know what is necessary and what isn’t when taking Muffin on a little jaunt about town. Snacks are always a must. I never understood why so many moms loved Goldfish crackers so much until I had my own. And they. Are. Awesome! They are the perfect little bite-size for her little hands and little mouth. Which is handy because she is very adamant about feeding herself most days, and cutting food into teeny tiny cute little bite size pieces gets old pretty quick. They are a great cure to diffusing a public meltdown.

Also pictured are a couple lollipops, because I am not above bribery. Will I give her a sucker just because she’s throwing a tantrum in Wal-Mart? Absolutely not. Will I give one to her when she gets shots at her checkup and is downright inconsolable? You bet. Her getting shots makes ME cry. That’s why there’s one in there for Momma too!

You always have to have a backup binky too, and some toys as well. She loves this Minion happy meal toy lately. It talks when you slap it around. And she loves phones and phone cases, so when I retire a case, she usually inherits it as a new toy. And I think that’s a Minnie Mouse mini frisbee? I don’t know, it keeps her busy, and that’s all that matters to me!

Purse Everything Else

And then there’s…everything else. A diaper for Muffin. I usually have a few in there, but apparently I only had one. Time to restock! Two pairs of sunglasses because I am forever losing and breaking sunglasses. They also make good toys for Muffin, so it’s good to have a spare pair handy or she will rip the ones I’m wearing off my face! I usually have a pen or two floating around in there, and I love this pen. It writes so smooth and pretty. And last but not least, is a granola bar for me, because I get hangry every day about 12:15 but my lunch break isn’t until 1:00. So this keeps me a sane, functional human being while I’m still at work.

So that is what’s in my bag! It’s not a whole lot now that I think about it. Once I became a mom, I adopted the mentality that if I don’t absolutely need it, I don’t pack it. What’s the inside of your bag like? Do we carry all the same stuff? Not at all? What’s something weird that you keep in your purse? How do you feel about man-purses? Fanny packs? Leave me some love in the comments! Thanks for reading!