I think 2017 is my year. 2016 was tough on everyone.

I’ve been through a lot, and learned to juggle with more than I ever thought possible. I feel like I’ve stumbled and failed and kind of slogged my way through the year a majority of the time, but you know what? I feel like I came out stronger on the other side, failures and all.

2016 wasn’t all bad. I’ve taken the leap and have begun freelance writing in my spare time for Upwork and Fiverr. To get paid for my writing, no matter how small, is…such an amazing feeling.

By the way—you should hire me! I’m cheap! 😉
Check out my Business Inquiries page HERE and my Portfolio HERE (I’m updating and adding to this page still).

New Year’s always makes me feel overly optimistic and hopeful for the year ahead. That optimism rarely lasts, but it still never fails to return each New Year. This year I’m looking forward to growing my blog and my freelance portfolio. I want to “prep” everything as much as I can. My meals, my outfits, my entire schedule. The less I have to think about and decide each day, the happier I am. I want to learn to live with less and declutter my house to reduce my stress level at home. My husband and I want to put our house on the market and find a home that better suits our family this year. I might not accomplish all these goals this year, but I know that’s not going to stop me from working towards them. The way I see it, I will lose nothing by simply having the courage to just try and see what sticks.

What kind of goals do you have for the new year? No matter how big or how small, share them down in the comments below! I’m looking forward to 2017 to being the Year of Jessa! Cheers!