Hi guys. It’s been another busy weekend around here, and I still haven’t quite found my rhythm for finding the time to write.

I’m beat.

We usually use weekends to catch up on chores around the house, but it was such a nice, cool, fall-like weekend, I couldn’t help but drag my husband and kiddo out for some adventures. So rather than drive myself crazy trying to put together my Ipsy or Birchbox review together, I thought I’d share some pictures from my weekend.

The City Museum


We went to the City Museum because we heard they had an aquarium, and I don’t know of any others in our area, and Muffin LOVES fishies! Although it didn’t exactly live up to my expectations, we still managed to have an okay time. The City Museum, is awesome, don’t get me wrong. There’s just a lot that Muffin is still too small to do.


The third floor of the building is dubbed “Toddler Town” and that was pretty neat. There were tons of toddler friendly activities, as well as a few things throughout for all ages. We saw a toddler-sized train, several slides, a ball pit…our kiddo especially loved this pit full of GIANT legos! She would have spent all day in there if we would have let her. I can’t wait to bring her back next year when she’s a little older.


Also part of the third floor is this cool stuff! I guess part of the building the museum occupies once used to be a bank. And I work in banking, so I got unreasonably excited by the old bank vault. And look at all those safe deposit boxes. Like I said, unreasonably excited. I love old things, especially old architecture and design. I could have sat and imagined all day what it was like back when this place was a busy and bustling bank.


So naturally, we had to grab a few selfies.


Kylie Jenner lip challenge has got nothing on me. [sarcasm font]

Oh, also, Kiddo busted my lip. She thinks it’s funny to get on the couch and throw herself backwards, but she doesn’t always have the best aim. She has very narrowly avoided throwing herself directly onto the hardwood floor head first several times. So, while trying to remove her from the couch, she decided to throw a tantrum, and throw herself backwards, headfirst…into my face. I won’t lie, that hurt so much worse than it looks. Instant tears running down my face while I suppressed the stream of bad words trying to come out of my mouth. Good lord that hurt. It still hurts today. I can’t imagine her little coconut of a head is probably pretty sore too.

Then, Sunday morning, I woke up with a wild hair and decided to drag my kid and husband to a local petting zoo. Kiddo was out of control, so this is literally the only photo I managed to take.


This is actually a pretty accurate summary of 90% of our days. Parenting, ladies and gentlemen.

She wasn’t a total nightmare, and it wasn’t totally her fault. It was muddy, some of the animals were a little too eager for my liking, and it was close to her nap time. So, another okay, slightly stressful time. But a good time.  I think here favorites were the goats because we could walk into the enclosure. But then she tried to pick up goat poop off the ground and that was over. Yuck. There was also the sweetest little cow. Looked just like the Borden Dairy Cow, I think? And was just so darn lovable. She was so mellow and let me scratch behind her ears, and was just SO SWEET. I wanted to take her home. I wish I would have snapped a picture of her!

Then, the rest of our Sunday was catching up on chores around the house. Laundry, grocery shopping, and my sister stopped by to visit for a while. And before I knew it, it was 9:00 and time to put the kiddo to bed!

Like I said, this momma’s BEAT! What adventures did you go on this weekend? What was your favorite thing to take your kids to do when they were toddlers? Seriously I need pointers. Kiddo is about 17 months old, and loves going on these adventures, but gets so frustrated when she can’t do it all! Leave me some love in the comments!