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If you are a parent, you KNOW how fast your house can get cluttered with toys. Also, why is it they have ALLLL these toys, but don’t seem to actually play with them, but just drag them out and leave them? Or is that just my kid? So far, my best attempt at keeping the toy clutter under control was when I realized the phrase “everything has its place” meant that my kid’s toys needed A LOT of different places to go!

Since Ellie’s bedroom is upstairs, a lot of her toys are littering the main level of our house. I used to have several larger plastic bins to keep her toys corralled in, with no real rhyme or reason of what went where. If I found the toy in the living room, I’d throw it in the living room. If toys migrated to our bedroom (which is on the main level), we had a bin in our bedroom for her.

While that is an OK solution if the majority of your kid’s toys stay in their room, this did not work for us as the exact opposite is true in our strange little household. So, around Christmas time, my husband and I found this fantastic cabinet to go under our tv in the living room, with lots of cabinets and drawers. Traditionally, I’m sure those cabinets and drawers are meant to hold consoles and media, but we simply just don’t have anything like that anymore. We stream most of our tv and movies, and my husband has a gaming pc upstairs. So, I thought this could be a great solution to our toy storage issues. Instead of having one or two big catch-alls for her toys, we could create many different homes for her many different toys. Take a look at all the different places we have to store her toys now!


We had a couple of storage ottomans I had bought from Target a couple years ago that contained just a bunch of miscellaneous junk. I consolidated and relocated the junk, and repurposed them for Ellie’s toys. It’s makes for easy cleanup when company’s on the way, and the ottomans double as extra seating when we have a house full!

I did some more re-organizing around the house and was able to free up about four different storage bins, two each for cabinets on either side of our tv table, one small and one larger to fit the shelves. The left cabinet, pictured above, has mega blocks in one bin, and wooden blocks in the other. The other side (which isn’t pictured) holds her play instruments in one bin, and a play bowling set in the other. Since these activities have soooo many pieces, it’s nice to have a bin where we know it goes if we find a piece or two out by itself. It also helps to keep so many pieces from getting lost.

I also re-purposed some Birchboxes and Ipsy bags for Ellie’s use. I used the birchboxes to store two different versions of the memory game. The boxes they originally came in were way larger than they needed to be, and they fit in these boxes just perfectly. Plus I love the quirky and fun patterns on these boxes! I used one of my Ipsy bags to keep all her crayons together. They are stored with her coloring books as well as some painter’s tape (to keep the coloring pages from sliding on the table) in a hard-to-reach and hard-to-open drawer, so that Ellie can’t bust out some crayons when we’re not looking. Not that she doesn’t try anyways.

And lastly, I bought a kid’s table set from Ikea this past weekend to make Ellie her own little nook in our living room. It’s made a great spot for her larger toys that she is currently playing with that don’t really fit anywhere else really well. It’s not the most organized corner, but it keeps things from getting spread around the house!

What storage tips do you utilize for all your kids’ stuff? Leave me some love in the comments!