I have tried for YEARS to be a journaler. I buy a fancy new notebook, excited by all the blank pages full of possibilities. I’ll fill up every page this time, I say to myself confidently. The first few days go well. It’s so therapeutic and fun, why did I ever stop?

Oh yeah. Something came up that day, so I skipped it.

I was tired the next day, so I skipped again.

This routine continues until I eventually will find it buried somewhere a few weeks later and probably not touch it for another six months or more.

And so it goes, every single time I get something to journal in.

Incidentally, that’s how my commitment to working out goes too. But, I digress.

But I have recently tried something that has been working for me. Like a journal, but without the mental expectation of putting in an entry daily. I’ve been calling it my “idea book.”

It’s just a small notebook I keep in my purse and take it everywhere I go. I tend to get ideas for blog posts and instagram images and other random things while I’m at work. I can’t really stop in the middle of my 9-5 to write a post, so I’ll jot the thought in my idea book to come back to later.

Or, if I’m at work, and I can’t get a particular thought or idea or phrase out of my head, to the point that I sometimes can’t get any work done, I will jot it down in my idea book just to get it out of my head. Once I’ve written it down, it’s like I can banish the thought from my mind because I know I will be able to go back to it later if I need to now that I’ve got it down on paper.

Quotes from my Idea Book are often featured on my Instagram.

I love writing down quotes and phrases that I find interesting. Little thoughts, almost mini journal entries are in there too. When I’m having a tough day, sometimes I’ll flip through it instead of scrolling through social media which tends to bum me out more rather than help when I’m feeling off.
So if you are a journaling failure like myself, might I suggest you give your own idea book a try? What’s your favorite quote or saying you’d put in your idea book if you had one? Leave it in the comments below!