Favorite YouTubers

As I mentioned in my “Getting Started” post, I have a serious love affair with YouTube. My interests are so varied, so my subscription list is kinda crazy. I have a handful of YouTubers I watch regularly and love, and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

Jenna Marbles

I am OBSESSED with Jenna Marbles. She’s hilarious. She is not afraid to be weird and might be what I love about her most. Whether it is a rant, a crazy made-up song, or what hip-hop taught her, she makes content that is funny and relatable. She has the cutest dogs that make cameos in her videos often. She also happens to curse like a sailor, so you’ve been warned.

The Video that made her famous:

One of my all-time favorites: How diets Work

Kandee Johnson

There are SO many makeup and beauty YouTubers out there, but Kandee has remained one of the few I watch regularly. She seems so genuinely sweet and nice, you can’t help but love this girl! She is a kind and happy person in her videos, and always has something positive to say. And the number of different looks she has done are…too many to count! This girl can literally transform into anyone.

One of the first videos of hers I remember watching:

And something a little more recent:

Meghan Tonjes

I think I first heard of Meghan Tonjes about a year or so ago when she stood up to Instagram for removing a picture of her (covered!) derrière  because it violated their community policy. She called them out, citing many pictures that showed far more than she had that were not removed. She has started the booty revolution, a movement that supports body positivity no matter what your size. Her Ipsy and Birchbox reviews got me interested in starting my own subscriptions over on her other channel, Life Size Beauty. She is also a singer, posting both covers and original songs often on her channel. She is witty, clever, honest, and sugarcoats nothing when it comes to her opinions, and I admire her.

Dear Instagram

Ipsy vx. Birchbox via her LifeSizeBeauty Channel

Philip DeFranco / SourceFed/ SourceFed Nerd/ The DeFranco Fam

These channels I have combined together because they are all channels associated with YouTuber Philip DeFranco. This guy has created a largely successful network of YouTube channels, employing dozens of people (or more, I have no idea), and he started out just posting videos of himself talking on various topics from his bedroom. That is amazing to me. The Philip Defranco channel discusses current events, as well as SourceFed, hosted by other personalities. SourceFed Nerd discusses all things nerd and geek. Gaming, movies, tv…they have had an anime club, a book club, a movie club…all encouraging interaction with their audience and  really reinforcing that sense of community that exists on YouTube.

Draw My Life–a popular tag on YouTube

SourceFed– Lee Newton as The Negotiator. I don’t know why, but this one cracks me up!

The Defranco Fam is a newer channel run by Phil’s wife Lindsey, and is a kind of lifestyle vlog I guess?  It’s personal vlogs of their day-to-day life. The star of the show is their adorable son Trey, who is only a few weeks younger than my daughter. I absolutely love this channel. I can relate to Lindsey so much. She’s like my much cooler spirit animal. She’s a great example of what it’s like to be a twenty-something mom nowadays.

So there are some of my favorite YouTubers. Who are your favorites? Did I list any YouTubers that you’ve never heard of before? Got anyone new I should check out? Leave me some love in the comments!