Mom Life Hacks - The Life Of JessaUnless you’ve been living under a rock since 2009, the term “Life Hack” is all over social media. Some are legitimate, some are… more work than the task you’re trying to avoid. I’d like to share some of the life hacks I’ve come up with as a new mom. These are useful tips I use in my everyday life. Some things I’ve already seen on social media; some things are tips I’ve stumbled across on my own.

Mom Life Hacks - Ikea Bags - The Life Of JessaIKEA Bags

I have a serious obsession with IKEA. A store opened in my area about six months ago, and I have lost count already of how many times I’ve made the nearly one hour drive there to shop. One of the things I’ve discovered is that those crinkly blue shopping bags can serve multiple purposes! My favorite is using them for laundry. In our house, we typically do all of our laundry on the weekends, so by the time laundry day rolls around, we have A LOT to do. I have found that IKEA bags easily hold one hamper’s worth of laundry. We have 2 large hampers and one smaller basket of laundry to separate and wash each weekend, so these have been fantastic, especially since our washer and dryer are in the basement. It is much easier and far less treacherous to carry an IKEA bag than it is to maneuver a bulky, oddly shaped hamper down the basement stairs.

Mom Life Hacks - The Life of Jessa Cutter

This is seriously one of my favorite Mom life hacks. I have a toddler, and cutting food into teeny tiny bite size pieces gets REAL old REAL fast. A pizza cutter can make quick work of most toddler food. Pancakes? Done. Forget those sandwich cutters in the grocery aisles, use a pizza cutter on that PB&J! I’ve even put spaghetti on a plate and used a pizza cutter to shorten the noodles to make it easier for my kiddo to shovel in.

baby wipesBaby Wipes

I have been using baby wipes long before I had a baby. One of my favorite uses for them is to remove makeup. I really love Huggies One and Done wipes in the Cucumber Green Tea scent. They smell great, remove my makeup easily, and they don’t leave my skin feeling icky like some makeup remover wipes can.

Baby wipes are also great for a quick wipe-down of pretty much any surface. I figure if they’re gentle enough to clean a newborn’s sensitive skin, they ought to be safe for most anything else. I frequently use them to wipe down my bathroom sink after doing my hair and makeup. I’ve even used them on my dog if he’s smelling funky after playing outside!

Have you discovered any life hacks of your own? Share your tips with me in the comments!

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