Jessa Tries It_ DIY Moon Sand

Truth time: I have over three THOUSAND things pinned on Pinterest. Want to know how many I’ve actually tried? Maybe twenty. Maybe. Granted, of those three thousand pins, a good portion are snarky e-cards and clothes I wish were in my closet. But still.

So this past weekend, I was feeling particularly crafty and wanted something fun and simple to try with my munchkin. So I thought we’d give Moon Sand a try. The simplest recipes called for flour & baby oil (or any other oil you can scrounge up). I couldn’t find baby oil, so canola it was. I mixed 8 cups of flour with about a cup of canola oil while the rugrat was chowing down on her lunch in the high chair. I searched high and low for food coloring or something that I could use to tint the boring white flour, but to no success. Maybe next time around.


The finished mixture is similar to kinetic sand that is commonly sold in stores. Like forever damp sand. There were some globby chunks in there–I’m guessing I probably didn’t mix it all that well or long enough, but I didn’t really care on getting it perfect. Being made of flour & canola oil, it had a somewhat funky scent. No, that’s putting it politely. It stunk. But you had to really get in there and get a good sniff to realize it didn’t smell that great. I remembered reading on one pin or another about a dough recipe that used hair conditioner to make it softer and smell nicer, so I thought what the hell and dumped a little suave conditioner in there for good measure too. It didn’t really improve the scent all that much though. Bummer.

Moon Sand Box Close Up

I transferred the mixture into the biggest tupperware container I have in my house and put it out on our back deck with some sand box toys, and let my munchkin have at it. She was pretty impressed. She loved that she could dig in in it and it flew and sprinkled in the air just like sand. I still didn’t have the mixture quite right, as it was difficult to mold and pack the sand. It needed more oil maybe? Something to give it a little more moisture.

Standing Playing Moon Sand

She did try to eat the sand at least once, and tried (and succeeded) to feed it to our dog several times. Her fascination with the sand in total lasted about a whole fifteen minutes, before she had moved on to flinging the moon sand all over the back deck, shrieking with glee at her ability to make mess of nearly anything. This was fine by me, as a terrible headache decided to hit me about then. I simply swept the excess moon sand off the deck and the clean up was essentially done. I was thrilled that the clean up was super simple–no sticky mess!

Moon Sand Squat Play

In summary, I think this was a fun and simple project for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I learned there is a reason there are so many different recipes out there for these different doughs–it really is a bit of a science to get the mixture just right. I plan on trying some of those recipes in the future. I am a little disappointed that I spent nearly the same amount of time (or more) tracking down my ingredients and concocting the sand as the time she spent playing with it. However, Muffin is only a year and a half. Anything keeping her attention for more than a few minutes is a miracle in itself. I mean, look at that geniuinely thrilled expression on her face. Even if it only entertained her for a short amount of time, that face is totally worth it. The way I see it, it’s fifteen minutes I didn’t have to spend pulling her out of cabinets…or off the stairs…or to tell her to quit climbing on our couch. So, that’s a win in my book.

Moon Sand Excited Face

What’s something crafty you’ve done lately? Was it a win or a fail? Is there a craft or project you’d like to challenge me to? Oh! And follow me on Pinterest! Leave me some love in the comments!