Bathroom Makeover Header Final

This week, for your entertainement, I got the wild hair that I wanted to finally paint my bathroom. We had this house built about 2 years ago, and so far, the only room that has been painted is my daughter’s. That is for two reasons. One, I hate painting and Two, I hate painting because I SUCK at painting.

One would think that it’s not that difficult to slap some paint on a couple walls, but I manage to create a disaster every time that I do. When we painted Muffin’s room, I was so excited to have a project to tackle when I was pregnant with her. I got a little overzealous and heavy-handed, and the paint kind of got slopped and globbed everywhere. And there was my sweet husband, not wanting to upset me, following behind everywhere I had painted, fixing what I had messed up. Someone give that man a medal. He deserves it with all the crazy I put him through sometimes.

So, I have mostly avoided painting since that fiasco. But while getting ready for work one morning, I was looking at how I had my stuff arranged in the bathroom, and it just wasn’t working for me anymore. Some makeup shoved in drawers, other stuff shoved on an over-the-toilet-organizer that made the room feel small and cluttered. I had also recently bought this sign at francesca’s a couple of weeks ago, and have been wanting to find a home for it. So naturally, my wheels got turning, and before I knew it, I was forming a plan in my mind to do a complete overhaul on my bathroom.

Here’s what my bathroom looked like before. I forgot to get a picture before I started taking stuff out and off my shelves, but you get the idea.

Bathroom DIY Before Collage

So the first step for me was to pick a paint color I liked. Next I needed to talk my sweet hubby into helping me…and possibly put up some nicer shelves because that toilet organizer had to go. I put it up as a temporary fix when we first moved in, but it was time we got that stupid thing out of there. It made the room feel visually smaller and shorter. It tended to direct your eye down instead of drawing it up. (Don’t mind me. I’ve just been watching A LOT of HGTV. As you were.) Thankfully, my saint of a husband was up for the challenge.

So I set to work on picking a paint color. While binge watching some HGTV, I saw an ad for Home Depot’s Project Color App. It’s an app that lets you try on paint colors on your walls in your home. It was as simple as snap a pic, and try on the colors until you found one you loved. The home improvement gods smiled upon me. I think I heard angels singing. I downloaded that app before the ad had finished playing and was already up snapping pics of our bland bathroom.

Home Depot Project Color App   Home Depot Project Color App 2

Home Depot Project Color App Screen Grab    Home Depot Project Color App Screen Grab

I bounded up the stairs to my hubby’s office to show him this miracle app. I tend to agonize over decisions and I’m terrible at visualizing things, so something as simple as picking a paint color is a real nightmare for me. This app is magic! So, I tried out a few colors I liked to see what would work. I’ve been shooting for a  greige or taupe color. My one major fear was that I didn’t want it to look too tan. I cannot stand tan. Too safe, too boring. But I also want it to be a flattering color should we decide to sell our house in the next couple years (which we still have no idea how long we plan to stay in this house, we debate that almost daily)

Once I settled on a couple colors I liked, we ventured to Home Depot, with Muffin in tow, to gather supplies. While I knew about the color I wanted, Hubby actually picked the winner, Behr’s Cappuccino Froth.

Behr Cappucino Froth Home Depot

He has such a good eye for color. And design actually, now that I think of it, as he usually figures out furniture, decor, and shelving arrangement for me. I always come to him with a general idea of what I want, the feel I want to have, and he never fails to be able to read my mind and translate it into our home. Like I said, somebody get that boy a medal!

The next day during Muffin’s first nap, we set to work. I quickly remembered why I rush through painting and get sloppy. I hate rollers. They are convenient and cover real estate quickly, but I just get so uncomfortable using them. Luckily, hubby covered most of that job while I was taping off the tub and ceiling, so I took over with the brush painting corners and touching up. The color looked even better in my bathroom than it did in the store! I was a little concerned that the color was going to dry too tan, but it didn’t! To my surprise, it dried with more of the gray finish that I was looking for! I could not be more in love with this color. Which is saying something, considering how many color palettes I have pinned.

While I wanted to help him hang the shelves, I also needed to tackle my usual Sunday chore of picking up groceries. So, I let him fly solo with the shelves while I went to the store and muffin caught nap #2. I think she is trying to go down to one nap a day, and I don’t know whether that terrifies me or excites me. Eek! Anyway, moving on.

I got back from grocery shopping, and hubby had two of three shelves hung. Once he had two of the shelves hung, he realized the third would not fit well over the toilet, and suggested a couple different places to put the third. I decided that it would be handy to have one next to my mirror and above my towel rack over the tub. I figure I will put the makeup and other products that I use frequently and need within easy reach there. However, he hit a snag trying to hang that one. To the point he had to bust out some putty and patch a few small holes in the walls. Oops. So, I might have to do an update post when my bathroom is fully finished and the third shelf hung up.

Here’s what my bathroom looks like now though. I’m beyond happy with how it turned out. The shelves over the toilet actually make the room feel more spacious than when I had the organizer over the toilet. I feel like the shelves are bigger and make the space feel open and airy and tall. They draw your eye upwards instead of down, and that is imperative in such a small space like a bathroom.

Bathroom DIY After

What do you think of my little bathroom makeover? Have you tried the Home Depot Project Color App? I cannot sing more praise of it. It was absolutely fantastic and immensely simplified the usually daunting task of picking a paint color. Would you like to see the makeovers of other rooms in my house? Leave me some love in the comments!

OH! Also…bonus pic:

Home Depot Wine Glass Travel Mug

I saw this and immediately laughed. But then I also kind of wanted to buy it too. Home Depot definitely knows their female, pin-happy, wine drinking, target demographic! Cheers!