Let me start by scolding myself. I have GOT to get myself a better schedule to sit down and get my blogs written during the week. This night before business is so not working. I have tons of ideas, but I never sit down and hammer out a draft of any of those ideas. Shame on me. I can’t expect this blog to be successful if I don’t invest a little time in it! Argh! To the few who do read my blog: thank you so much and please keep reading! I promise I am trying my best to post great content regularly! Stick around, okay? It’s gonna be awesome!

Today, I don’t have a whole lot for you to read, so I thought I’d share some pictures. First thing–I was super pumped to check my mail today. Ipsy AND Birchbox came Wednesday! WooHoo! Expect a review of both soon!

Ipsy Birchbox

In other news, I’ve been on Pinterest adding pins to my Blogging board like mad. I truly do want to grow this blog and contribute to the awesome community that is blogging. I want to see it succeed, and more than that, thrive. I want to meet more weirdos like me who love EVERYTHING! This blog is my newest adventure and I want to make it a good one. So I doodled a little bit and worked on what goals I have for this blog.

Blogging Goals

And then I just also feel like sharing some cute photos from my week so far.

Muffin Hat pic 2Muffin Hat pic

Muffin Bath FaceBaby in a box

So, that’s all I’ve got this time around. As usual, leave me a little something in the comments! What adventures are you working on right now? How do you get inspired? If you’re a blogger, when do you find time to work on your content (like really, how do you do it?) Are you a Pinterest addict like me? Follow me HERE!