App More Organized Less Chaotic

Just because I am supposed to be a responsible adult and parent, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at it all of the time. Or even most of the time. One problem I have is that I’m forgetful.

Like, really forgetful.

Like have to walk in the room three times to remember what I came in there to do in the first place forgetful.

It really kicked in when I was pregnant, and has only gotten worse since then. Most of the problem is that I have, at any given time, about eight running to do lists in my head. My husband’s honey-do list. Bills that need paid this week. Grocery list. Errands I have to run that weekend. Phone calls to make. Couple that with chasing around a one and a half year old with a love for danger and zero fear, and you have the perfect recipe for chaos pretty much 24/7.

So, I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping my life together. One of those things that helps me to do that is one of my favorite apps right now, Wunderlist. It’s literally a list keeping app, but it is so handy! I’ve tried several similar apps, and this one is by far my favorite.

I can keep multiple lists going, assign them due dates and reminders, and I can also invite others to view my list as well. I love to utilize that by including my husband on my to-do list around the house, bills that are due, and our grocery list. The app updates in real time if someone adds to it or completes a task. Like when my hubby added a handful of things to my grocery list when I was just about done last week. Even though that sent me running all around the store again, I was so happy once I got home and there wasn’t anything I discovered that I’d missed. The app also compiles all the to do lists that have due dates assigned into one easy-to-view to do list for the week.

The other great perk– Wunderlist is available in so many forms! It’s available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. I checked the website and it’s also available in the Amazon app store for Kindle users! I have it on my MacBook Air and my iPhone so I can add to my lists with whatever device I have handy. My husband also uses his at his work computer to track projects he’s working on at the office.

So, if you need some organization in your life too, I totally recommend this app. They have paid and business versions as well, but the free version that I personally use has plenty of awesome features. It’s kind of addicting, making a to-do list and checking things off left and right as you knock them out. It makes me feel like I’ve really got some stuff accomplished–even if it only was remembering to take the laundry out of the dryer and make sure I paid our utility bill on time.

Note: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.