Today I wanted to share one of the “fandoms” I consider myself a part of, and one I honestly don’t think gets the attention it deserves.

I’m talking about Orphan Black.

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I am so into this show it’s ridiculous. It’s everything I love: sci-fi, mystery, suspense, totally awesome female characters (mainly all played by the talented Tatiana Maslany). I watched the first season on Amazon Prime when I was on maternity leave with my daughter and I was hooked before the first episode had ended.

In case you’re lost, the series follows Sarah Manning, a street wise con artist and orphan. In the first episode she witnesses a woman commit suicide. A woman that happens to look identical to her. So, Sarah assumes this woman’s identity, planning to clear out her bank accounts and run. But then she discovers she is one of many clones, and things get…complicated. That’s the most brief synopsis I can give without spoiling too much.

One of the things I love most are the diverse and genuinely awesome female characters. Sarah is tough and street smart. Allison is a born leader, fiercely confident and independent. Cosima is massively intelligent yet sweet and funny. And they’re all played by the same people, and you don’t even realize it! If you like sci-fi and you haven’t checked out Orphan Black yet, you’re seriously missing out. The first two seasons are available on Amazon Prime, so give it a try! There’s also a comic series that I haven’t read yet, but I likely will because it is THAT GOOD.

Below is from BBC’s YouTube channel to give a summary prior to season 3. Beware–Spoilers ahead!

What fandoms are you a part of? Are you an Orphan Black fan already? What fandoms should I check out next?