The Life of Jessa

The Idea Book

  I have tried for YEARS to be a journaler. I buy a fancy new notebook, excited by all the blank pages full of possibilities. I’ll fill up every page this time, I say to myself confidently. The first few days go well. It’s so therapeutic and fun, why did I ever stop? Oh yeah.

One Good Thing Each Day

I saw this video on Facebook on Monday night and just knew I need to share it here. I love Kristina Kuzmic--this girl can do no wrong. I love this video, and I am definitely participating in this. I am going to make a point every night to jot down one good thing about each

Welcome to 2017!

I think 2017 is my year. 2016 was tough on everyone. I’ve been through a lot, and learned to juggle with more than I ever thought possible. I feel like I’ve stumbled and failed and kind of slogged my way through the year a majority of the time, but you know what? I feel like

A Pill Doesn’t Fix Everything, But it’s a Good Place to Start.

When I opened up to those around me that I thought I was experiencing anxiety and depression and was considering seeking treatment, I mostly heard the following two statements. I won't even call them arguments. 1. A pill does not magically fix everything. 2. A pill would change you into a different person. To put

I <3 To Do Lists!

Hi All! I know it's been a long time again since my last post. I've actually been working on some really great content lately. I haven't been able to post anything yet because my darling techie of a hubby is helping me redesign and relaunch my site! It's going to be super gorgeous when it's all

Let’s Clear the Air Here…

It's just...tough. Really, really tough. But if there is anything that all of this has taught me is that no one has to fight these battles alone.

2016: Starting Fresh

I am back after a long hiatus from blogging. I'm starting fresh, with a different mindset and fresh perspective. A new year is always inspiration for making a new start. Setting goals and resolutions. And there is no shortage of things I want to conquer in 2016. My goals for this year are all about

Bonus Post: Advice Wipes!

Hi there night owls! I just got finished with my post that's scheduled to go up early tomorrow morning, but I also wanted to post this just because I found it so freakin' hilarious! May I present to you...Advice Wipes. How awesome is that?! Way to go Tomee Tipee, you nailed it! What did

What’s In My Purse?

I remember when I really got into carrying a purse around. I was in seventh grade. I had this purse that either my grandma or my great aunt bought for me, I don’t remember which. It was a black purse with a crossbody strap, and had some Chinese symbols embroidered in red along the lower right corner. It had a zipper pouch on the back side that came with those worthless sponge-tip eyeshadow appicators and a plastic mirror stitched into the inside of the pocket. It was from Target, it was quirky, and I thought it was the coolest damn thing I ever owned. Fourteen years later, I realize I was wrong. That sucker was ugly.

July Wrap-Up & August Ideas

I had the genius idea that I should try to post two times per week. Last week I managed to do that. Here it is Sunday evening, and I haven’t put much together for Monday’s post. Argh. I have realized that the first few of my posts have been reviews or review-like. Talking about the